Weight Loss Diet – Four Reasons There Is No Perfect Diet

Summer is on its way again, and like every year diets and weight loss diets are on all of our minds. With all the confusing stories and so-called gurus, no wonder that everyone is totally confused about the proper way to lose weight. However, there are some facts that all of us understand. We have all tried diets, and you already probably know that most of the medical writers totally ignore these four facts about weight loss.There Is No Perfect DietHere is a fact that the experts seem to miss, they always lump everyone into one group and tell you either this diet or that diet is perfect for everyone. Guess what, everyone is different, we all burn fat at a different rate, and we all have different energy levels that our bodies need to maintain our daily activities. The perfect diet would be one that is suited to not just your metabolic rate, but also your activity level during the day, and your current weight.Healthy weight loss is all about the fat, not just the weight, and it is possible to lose weight and gain the amount of fat your body stores. This would not be considered healthy weight loss, since the fat cells are normally what cause most of the health problems you hear about in middle age people. A person starting a low protein diet with many carbohydrates can see this kind of result, and not be healthier for it.Eat Less Calories than You Burn EverydayBasic survival requires anywhere from 1000 calories a day to over 3000 depending on your metabolic rate. Someone with the lowest metabolic rate would need to consume less than that to lose fat weight. Healthy diets that concentrates on losing the fat and not weight only would be a better way to go.About 75% of the calories you take in everyday goes to maintaining your body, with the rest giving you the energy you need for your daily activities. Your body uses insulin as a signal to your body to store the excess calories as fat. This comes from our ancestors, and was a way for the body to store up energy during feast times for the times when there were not much food around. So you could say that sugar is the key.Sugar Is The KeyWhen you are weight loss dieting, overeating is not usually the problem, the dieter that makes their meals full of sugars and carbs is. If your diet uses sugar and insulin as a signal to store fat, then eating a meal full of carbs would send your body the signal to store away for a cold winter day.The current diet foods that concentrates just on lower calories and less fats, ends up loading up on sugar and carbs that spike your insulin levels, causing your body to go into the fat store mode. This will defeat your entire reason for losing weight, being healthier and losing weight. Choose foods that aren’t made with sugar and simple carbohydrates.Different People Burn Fat DifferentlyYour body naturally goes from burning fat to burning sugar during the day. Right after a meal your body will concentrate on the sugars in the meal you just ate and use those for energy. As that sugar disappears, your body switches to burning fat. Some people make the switch more easily, and others don’t. Their bodies don’t burn the sugar fast enough, and it gets turned into fat instead.Depending on your body weight, those with over 35 pounds to lose usually more successful on a low carbohydrate diet. Those with this much weight to lose usually make the switch to burning fat to slow, and their bodies naturally store the sugar they take in as fat.Those with less weight to lose than that, are probably overweight from plain old overeating, and seem to do better on a lower-fat diet. Once you know how your body metabolizes the sugars and carbs that you take in, this will allow you to find the perfect match for your metabolic type.With the season of swim trunks and bikinis coming around again, and you start looking for ways to take off those pounds put on over the winter, its time to realize that their is no perfect weight loss plan that works the same for everyone. The four reasons listed on this article show you that there is no perfect diet, and that your own body will reveal to you the perfect weight loss diet plan for your.